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makandra GmbH

makandra GmbH
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Augsburg, Deutschland
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UI/UX Rails Devops SRE Consulting Ruby
makandra is a team of ~50 Ruby developers, Linux, SRE/Operations and Cloud engineers based in Germany.

We develop and operate ambitious web applications based on Ruby on Rails. Since our company was established in 2009, we have successfully delivered more than 200 Rails projects. Our site reliability engineers take care of stable operations for more than 200 Rails applications on more than 400 servers. We also provide advice on Amazon Web Service projects and offer DevOps as a Service.
We're known for Rails LTS and our large public Ruby on Rails knowledge base.

Our customers stem from a wide variety of industries and range from start-ups to fortune 500 enterprises as well as government authorities.

Common to all our clients and projects is our technology stack and our approach to technical projects.
Ruby Startups are coming to Top Ruby Companies soon! And we need your help make this awesome list. If you run or work for a startup that primarily uses Ruby, please let us know!

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