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Frequently Asked Questions

What company qualifies as a Ruby company?

A company is considered to be a Ruby company if:
  • More than 50% of the company's revenue is generated by its service(s) written in Ruby or,
  • More than 50% of the user traffic is handled by its service(s) written in Ruby.
Most companies that follow the so-called "monolith" pattern are all Ruby companies. However, partially using Ruby, such as scripting or only in an admin interface, would not make the company a Ruby company.

If a holdings company holds a subsidiary that uses Ruby, but the subsidiary's revenue does not exceed 50% of the parent company's entire revenue, the company would not be considered a Ruby company. For example, Microsoft, which owns GitHub, and Salesforce, which owns Heroku, are not considered Ruby companies.

How and where is the market data retrieved?

The market data is retrieved from various third-party API providers. Some of the company logo data is provided by The currency exchange rates are based on the EU's central bank rates. While they provide accurate and most up-to-date data, a small amount of manual research is occasionally conducted to ensure the quality and accuracy of the dataset.

How often does the market data get updated?

The market data is updated daily, 5 minutes past midnight Eastern Time.

Is the data on this website 100% accurate?

While we strive to keep the information on this website up to date and correct, some market data may be delayed, incorrect, or outdated. Refer to the official IR information for the company's most up-to-date financial details.

My company uses Ruby and is publicly traded, but it's not listed here. How can we be added to the list?

That's great! Drop us an email at [email protected], and we will add your company at our earliest convinience.

My company is listed here, but we no longer use Ruby. How can we get removed?

We are sorry to hear that you no longer use Ruby. Drop us an email at [email protected], and we will remove your company.

Ruby Startups are coming to Top Ruby Companies soon! And we need your help make this awesome list. If you run or work for a startup that primarily uses Ruby, please let us know!

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